Abrasive Belts Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters in India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Nepal, Pakistan, Egypt

We are leading Abrasive Belt manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Nepal, Pakistan, Egypt, Kenya, Vietnam, Singapore, Sri Lanka. Our well-known organizations are offering these belts for grinding, polishing, debarring and finishing purposes. With high dedication, our professional team works to ensure flawless and the best quality product in the markets.

Our abrasive belts provide optimum performance of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Thus, our organization has become one of the popular Metal Grinding Abrasive Belt manufacturers in the international market. These belts are available in different bonds, grains, grit range and many other specifications.

Features and Benefits:

  • Great stock removal rate
  • Superior finishing results for laminating with the sheets
  • Used both wet and dry
  • Open or closed coated
  • Gains- cloth, paper, film and sponge
  • Types- Narrow, Portable or file and Wide


Abrasive belts are commonly used for stock removal i.e. grinding and finishing purposes.

Many grinding processes like cylindrical, robotic, and off-hand are done by using the best quality abrasive belts.

Our Abrasive Belts are widely used for finishing the surfaces of steel, ferrous & Non-ferrous metals, woods, solid materials, laminates etc.

They are also suitable for grinding of tubes, bars, metal coils, scissors, piston rods, power tools, glass etc.

Abrasive belts are a type of hand tool that is used to remove paint, rust, grime, and other surface contaminants from metal surfaces. These belts are also used in different applications such as cleaning up paint from cars or trucks, removing rust from tools and equipment, and removing corrosion from pipes and tanks.

They are typically made with a series of abrasive particles that are held together by abrasive material. The particles can be made from silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, or tungsten carbide.

The abrasive belt is then rolled over the surface which removes the paint or varnish from the surface. They are used to remove the loose skin from a horse's body. They are made of elastic fabric and have abrasive particles inside them.

There are two types of abrasives-
• Sanding, and
• Polishing

Sanding consists of large grains that break up the surface, while polishing has smaller grains that polish out scratches on the surface.


Abrasive belts have many features that make them convenient to use. They can clean for a long time without getting jammed or clogged with dirt, and they are also easy to store and carry around.

Abrasive belts are designed to provide abrasive particles that can remove dirt and grime from surfaces, such as countertops, sinks, and walls. They also have different features like the ability to attach to a vacuum cleaner or floor scrubber.

Some of the other benefits include:

-Powerful scrubbing ability
-Efficient use of water
-Removes more dirt in less time
-Minimizes cleaning effort