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We are leading Emery Wheel Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters in India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Nepal, Pakistan, Egypt. We Emery Wheel manufacturers in Bangladesh have been in this industry for more than 20 years and continue to offer their customers superior quality products that are also affordable. Our products are designed using superior technology to meet the latest demands of our clients. We Emery Wheel are well known for our superior quality products, expert team, and affordable prices.

What is the Emery Wheel?

Industrial Emery Wheels are used to polish metals, wood, and other materials. They are also used in industrial applications such as sanding, polishing, and cleaning. These wheels are mainly made of aluminum oxide or silicon carbide abrasive grains. The emery wheel is mounted on a shaft that can be rotated by an electric motor or hand crank.

They are made of two halves that are held together by a screw-threaded spindle. The top half is usually coated with emery and the bottom half is with resin or rubber.

They are used in a wide variety of industries such as mining, construction, aerospace, metallurgy, and more. Emery wheels are used for smoothing and polishing metal surfaces to make them ready for further processing. They also help to remove rust and other impurities from metal surfaces.

Benefits of using Emery Wheel-

Industrial Emery Wheels are made from abrasive emery cloth, which is made of a mixture of silicon carbide and aluminum oxide. They have a very high level of surface finish and can be used on many types of surfaces.
They are mostly used in industrial applications, but they are also popular in DIY projects. Emery wheels can be used to remove scratches, smooth out rough surfaces, or polish metal parts. They come with a variety of features that make them useful for different purposes.

The wheel has a number of features such as high-quality steel and aluminum construction, durable bearings, and the ability to work on both dry and wet surfaces. They are used in the production line to grind down the surface before applying paint or coating it with lacquer.

With the modern tools and technology, our flap wheels are manufactured by using the best quality raw materials like abrasive coating that can withstand at higher pressure and speed.


  • Delivers consistent cutting rate
  • Suitable for hand-held grinding machines
  • Customized options are available
  • Economical and portable
  • Available in 2 variants- Abra fine & Abra supreme
  • Easily grinds and polishes irregular shapes and surfaces.
  • Requires less maintenance


Furniture & decoratives, paints, wood working, metal fabrication, automotive industry, heavy duty equipments, SS Pipe and Cookware