Metal Grinding Abrasive Belt

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Metal Grinding Abrasive Belt is a product that is used to remove metal from the surface. It is made of abrasive belts and has a rubber belt that rotates at high speed. It is made of ceramic particles bonded together with resin or plastic.

It is a type of abrasive belt that is used for grinding metal surfaces. The belt is made up of a series of abrasive particles that are arranged in a pattern to scratch and grind the surface. It is often used to polish or grind various metals such as steel, aluminum, copper, brass and stainless steel.

Industrial Application-

The Metal Grinding Abrasive Belt can be used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, defense, electronics, construction, machine manufacturing, and so on.

Characteristic Features:

Metal Grinding Abrasive Belt is an efficient tool for grinding and finishing metal surfaces before further machining operations. It can be used in either manual or automated production processes. These belts are available in different sizes, thicknesses, widths, and abrasive materials to suit different applications such as aluminum, steel, copper, brass, stainless steel, etc.

The Metal Grinding Abrasive Belt has got different features like:

1. High-pressure water jets provide high-speed removal of metal particles and ensure a smooth surface finish.

2. It can be used on different surfaces like concrete, brick, marble, granite, and more.

3. It has a wide range of applications in industries like mining, construction, oil and gas exploration, steel making and recycling industries, etc.

4. The material used for the belt is made up of durable polyester resin which makes it very flexible and long-lasting too


• The belt is made of high-quality steel that is resistant to wear and tear.

• The belt has a high abrasive capacity which provides a lot of power when grinding or polishing metals.

• It has an adjustable speed control which allows the user to control the speed of the belt without any problem.